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          Hot Products:4-tert-Butylcatechol (4-TBC) (TBC)Polymerization inhibitor TH-100BEPolymerization inhibitor TH-A294High efficient Polymerization inhibitor TH-701(TMHPO)......


          Polymerization inhibitor TH-A294

          Product Type  Polymerization Inhibitor

          Quality index :




          tangerine liquid

          Viscosity (mPa·s,20℃)

          1.00 ~ 5.50

          Flash point (℃)


          In accordance with the standard of Q/320211 NBR 07-2006
          Uses: It is a new kind of Polymerization inhibitor for the extraction system of butadiene, with the features of inhibition, antioxidation, metal deactivation and scale dispersion.
          Packing & Storage : 25KG square plastic drum or 180kg metal pail . It is normal chemicals, avoid the fire. If it is contact with skin, pleas wash it with soap.
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